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The Peggy Sue Lip Silk Kit is the perfect duo- it will leave your lips fuller, plumper and smoother. Start with the Lip Exfoliant to remove dry, flakey skin, while the circular motion increases blood circulation, leaving lips looking plump and full of life. Lock in the moisture by following with the Lip Conditioner, which works to deeply hydrate and nourish, for long lasting protection against the outside elements. Together your lips will be completely transformed and feeling like silk.


The Details:

- 1 Lip Exfoliant (20ml)  (castor oil, sugar, hydrogenated castor oil, carnauba wax,  shea butter, lemon oil, lemon myrtle oil, natural vitamin E)
- 1 Lip Conditioner (5.5ml)  (beeswax*, shea butter*, Fractionated coconut oil, olive oil*, natural vitamin E, vanilla oil. *denotes organic)
- Scoop out half a pea sized amount of Lip Exfoliant and gently massage in a circular motion for 20 seconds or until lips feel smooth. Remove with a tissue or simply lick off any excess sugar. Follow with Lip Conditioner. Repeat daily or as desired 
-No parabens,  petroleum,  sulphates,  silicones, artificial colours or fragrances


The Brand:

Peggy Sue Soaps is a female owned and operated brand, based on the South Coast of NSW. All products are made in Australia with a focus on self-care and sustainability.


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