Classic Earring Holder

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Need to organise your earrings? Then you need the Bon Maxie Classic Earring Holder! This height-adjustable earring holder in white metal lets you style your earring collection with any decor. Height adjustable to store hoops, huggies or longer styles along the base or lower the stand for a compact style.


The Details:

- Holds up to 120 pairs earrings, double up where you can for more

- Holds studs, hoops, hooks, sleepers, huggies, threaders

- Finer metal design makes hooks slot right in

- Tilted for ease of viewing

- Rust-treated metal = safe for bathroom storage

- Store longer styles off the side to save space

- Height adjustable feet allow for drop-styles to have their own space

- Lower for a more compact style

- Gold Bon Maxie plaque

- Made from super-sturdy, rust-treated metal

230mm wide, 230mm height (lower setting), 260mm height (tall setting), 12cm deep 115mm wide

- Comes in a gorgeous gift box, easy construction


The Brand:

Bon Maxie is a small, Australian owned brand based in Brisbane, QLD.