Bambu Face Reusable Cotton Bamboo Pads (10 Pack)

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Sick of buying traditional cotton pads? Here's the sustainable alternative to disposable cotton pads and makeup remover wipes. 

Each kit includes:

  • 5 PINK labelled eye makeup remover pads made from bamboo velour fabric with a buttery soft texture making it ideal for the sensitive eye area. 
  • 5 GREEN labelled facial makeup remover pads made from bamboo terry cotton making them soft and durable. Ideal for removing the rest of your makeup, facial masks and are thin enough to apply your toner. They can also be used to remove nail varnish! Just set one aside for this purpose and make sure to wash the pad directly after use to avoid the acetone making the pad hard.

  • 100% cotton mesh laundry bag 


For best results we recommend hand washing your Bambu Face pads with warm water and a bar of soap directly after each use. Once a week you can pop into your mesh laundry bag and put into the washing machine.

Use your new mesh bag to hang your Bambu Face pads up to dry. 

Bambu Face pads can be washed over 200 times.



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