Refillable Perfume Atomiser (white)

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Want to spritz yourself when you're out and about but don't want to lug a large, breakable perfume bottle? With approx. 120 sprays' capacity, this handy Bon Maxie perfume atomiser will allow you to top up your scent all day long!

  • Perfect for work, travel or going out
  • 10 ml capacity = approx 120 sprays from average perfume bottle (may be more/less depending on spray volume)
  • Opaque case helps protect perfume from UV light that can affect scent/longevity/colour
  • Compact enough to fit into bag internal pockets, small bags
  • Super subtle Bon Maxie logo
  • Comes in a gift box
  • NOTE: this has a glass element, please be careful when handling

Size: 100mm tall, 10ml capacity

MaterialHard plastic case, glass internal tube, aluminium top

Hardware: Silver 

To fill: Wind base to reveal canister. Remove, unscrew lid, spray fragrance directly into tube. Screw lid on firmly, replace canister into case. Wind base to close.

Care: It is recommended to use one atomiser per scent to avoid cross-smell contamination. If going on a plane or overseas trip and putting item in luggage, it is recommended to put in provided pouch in case of pressure change/spillage. Be sure to tighten the lid properly to avoid spillage and always twist to reveal spray nozzle, do not pull out of canister. 

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