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Leaf Health Duo

Leaf Health Duo

by We the Wild Plant Care

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Gardening just got a whole lot better! Introducing the Leaf Health Duo by We the Wild Pant Care. This kit contains the super popular Protect Spray with Neem and two premium Leaf Cleaning Gloves. This duo instantly transforms leaves from drab and damaged, to lush, shiny and free of nasties.

Makes a perfect gift for the plant lover!


- Contains 2 gloves and 1 Protect Spray with Neem oil (250ml).

- Instantly transform your leaves with this best-selling
combo. It includes everything you need to prevent issues,
shine leaves and enjoy lush looking plants. Use on all your
plants, all year round.

- How to use:
1. Shake your Protect Spray and decant if required
2. Spray the top and underside of leaves
3. Wipe with Leaf Cleaning Glove, ensuring you access
the hard to reach places like stems.

About the Protect Spray: Each bottle combines powerful Australian essential oils with highly active Neem Oil to provide broad-spectrum dust protection & remedy. The best bit? It's pet-safe, and is packed full of the enzymes needed to protect leaves from the environmental stressors that make leaves struggle.


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About The Brand

We the Wild Plant Care is a Sydney based company whose products are Australian made, certified and organic, and are scientifically tested.

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