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Smelly Balls Set (Onyx/Tobacco Vanilla)

Smelly Balls Set (Onyx/Tobacco Vanilla)

by Smelly Balls

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Introducing the cutest, reusable air freshener...smelly balls! These adorable, unscented wool balls come with a 5ml fragrance (Tobacco Vanilla) so you can add and control the intensity of the scent. Designed to hang in your car, but can be used in any small space (tent, wardrobe, camper etc).


- 4 unscented, sustainably-sourced felt balls with branded charm and elastic string for easy hanging.

- 5mL fragrance oil. Tobacco Vanilla is a sexy, masculine fragrance. If you’re unfamiliar with clary sage, orris root, and cedarwood, it’s time to get acquainted. These three notes are combined with leather, tobacco, and a hint of sweet vanilla to create a fragrance that is both masculine and sweet. Tobacco Vanilla is a fragrance for the ages.

- We recommend 1 drop on each ball (not a white ball as it may stain). Re-apply when necessary.

- Comes with instructions and bonus postcard, together in our little ‘keep pouch’ which can be used to store your little treasures later!

- All premium fragrances are 100% concentrated, made with the finest perfumery ingredients and are free from LEAD, DBP & DEHP PHTHALATES, FORMALDEHYDE, ACETONE, BENZENE, CARBON, PETROLEUM, PARAFFIN WAX, PALM OIL.

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and any other surface, wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth. Keep oil away from heat. For hanging only.


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About The Brand

Smelly Balls is an Australian owned and made brand which began in 2013 and is based in QLD, Australia.

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